Gelʹfand, I. M.

Generalized functions. - New York, Academic Press, 1964-1968. - 5 v. : tables ; 24 cm.

Translated by E. Saletan, and others.

Includes bibliographies and index.

v. 1. Properties and operations, by I. M. Gelʹfand and G. E. Shilov, translated by E. Saletan.--v. 2. Spaces of fundamental and generalized functions, by I.M. Gelʹfand, and G.E. Shilov. --v. 3. Theory of differential equations, by I. M. Gelʹfand and G. E. Shilov.--v. 4. Applications of harmonic analysis, by I. M. Gelʹfand and N. Y. Vilenkin.--v. 5. Integral geometry and representation theory, by I. M. Gelʹfand, M. I. Graev, and N. Ya. Vilenkin.


Theory of distributions (Functional analysis)

QA331 / .G373